IIT VS Vivekananda College- Clash of Titans

It was the clash of the titans! When we took IITians Vs the Viveka boys!

We were recently sponsoring few workshops in IIT and Vivekananda on entrepreneurship- it was a great vision for both colleges, students select their lives than jobs and make the most of life.

I tried to do justice in both the programs, Here how it looked, IIT guys were well prepared, well dressed and had all kinds of gadgets and data to prove their story- some of them wanted to change medical industry, some of them talked about machine humans.

On the other side, The Viveka boys were in simple dresses and nothing pompous.  Few of them talked about businesses but many of them were focused on milk and farming- self employment than entrepreneurship.

I tried to do justice, but to be honest, both sides had values- innocence, egoless state, obedience and even happiness. Genuine goodness was the key to success of both the schools despite the high fee or tall statures.

I had to agree, We gave away freebies and certificate, but I’m proud of the next generation. People who really want to make a difference despite their humble lifestyle or parent’s arrogance.

I wish you guys well- no matter which school or college- keep learning and improving, because life will give you the best no matter what!


THE IIT Lock down- Best Minds at work and a Monkey!

It was a crazy day- I could hardly sleep.   I was extremely excited– we were visiting IIT for a promo event for one of my clients. So it was day 2 and I was extremely out of sorts- I gathered courage and went to the college in my car- I got all the merchandise of sponsorship etc to pep up the students during the show. I had a small neck twitch and it was killing me all week.

I parked my car in the campus; by the way, the campus was an amazing place with beautiful trees and serene peace.  Then, suddenly when I got out of the car- it locked itself, the keys where inside and event was going to get over in an hour. The monkeys in the campus howled from the trees and I was stuck. I ran to see- if someone was around to help, apart from the monkeys, few students walking around. I called them over and explained the situation, they were very helpful- despite their reputation, IIT students are reputed for best minds.

Few laborers also joined the Endeavour.  They tried with all means possible, banging the door- using thread, pen and nothing worked. I looked at monkeys in disgust, then suddenly the idea hit me- I need a bigger thread or scale- the watchman liked my idea and ran to the staff room nearby to request it, yes they had big thread and scale. When I came back, a bunch of students were trying to open the car with all ideas possible. I was impressed, they were very helpful. Then suddenly, the watchman shouted, yes, its working- I ran to the other side of the door and saw the lock had moved- we were able to make the mountain move- yes finally door sprung open, the scale did the trick, just sliding it in and jerking it- it moved the lock. The students sighed relief. The watchman got one of the t-shirts and was happy, the merchandise and sponsorship material, poster, banner were all ready to be given to students- the event was a roaring success Thank you students, Thank you IIT – no matter how intelligent they were, the students knew to help and with patience and persistence, we achieved it. Wallah!   Thank you for reading

Entrepreneurship- This one for all of you wanna bees !! :)!!

From my recent workshop at a Chennai College…..
The word entrepreneurship is used in concurrence with creation. We need to create from our hands and mind/heart. Either jobs, children, family, work, money etc. The tool given to us is time- with time and space we can create jobs in this world. This is called entrepreneurship.
The ship where we enterprise for more is the idea of this domain. The ship needs people, power and horse power, tools to move. When it moves, the horse power helps us reach places, that’s the same for any business – either a guy on the street fixing scooter or the biggest business running tv or mobile. The most important thing is desire followed enthusiasm, persistance and we of course the need for time, money and space.
Social Entrepreneurs are creators of networks and spaces- online and local. With socializing , it is clear we can create a domain to interact for fun, work and more. In most cases, the means is business and money. Growth and development.
Go out and rule the world- enterprise even if you would like to fix things or create wealth online, just make sure to enjoy and learn.
Keep it real! Keep it enterprising 🙂

The Management Blog-Write up on Management- Inclusive Leader

We need to make sure to lead our way to success- it needs to be all inclusive, once we move forward taking the interest of all stakeholders- the mutual growth and long term success will be high.
We need to ensure we are always not creating harm in the way of our stakeholders and even our competition some times. Healthy competition is the key.
Once we are able to discuss our success and growth with our selves- we need to show we lead with care- the divide and rule and lead/bleed way of life- can only bring short term and non mutual growth which is mostly short lived.
I wish you well  in your endeavor – Inclusieve and careful leading brings happiness and success to all!
Lead away! With care 🙂
Hitesh Shyam Chablani

The Delhi Heist!- Digital Summit- Akyumen as EVP!

It was a obvious dream to be on stage, my friend called me in and next stop was IAMAI. Digital Summit are Indian version of world mobile congress- display of technology by top notch companies, CEOs and entrepreneurs.  I caught the earliest flight and checked in to catch all the action. And when the moment arrived, we made the pitch for Akyumen Digital Phones, first time in India- though I’m camera and stage shy, I must admit, the audience was nice on me. Do order your version of this phone now. Read more on the link below by one of the most prominent techno blog site.

Thanks Guys – Stay Happy and Keep Projecting!

Cheers- Hitesh ( PS- watch out for last few lines on the following link)

Akyumen is launching Smart Projector Phone & Tablet at MWC 2016

AKYUMEN- The NEXT BIG THING!! ANd I mean Massive!

And I get a phone call, and guess who it is , yes, it was Mr.Saied!

The best thing India needs is a projector, but how could I show the presentation to a bunch of rural village kids or to my office staff in middle of the rajasthan desert. I don’t know! I did not have a budget or space for a projector in the room! And next thing you know, enters Mr.Saied.

Mr.Saied is the inventor of the phone inclusive of a Tablet also inclusive of  A PROJECTOR!!! Yes, mobile projector, it is just unbelievably fantastic! So, you just click the projector button and next thing you know, it becomes a high tech screen to showcase your work, presentations, video etc at great resolutions!

The kids, colleges, school teachers, hospitals and most importantly all of us will love this convergence! I understand they are due for their launch mid 2016, the Falcon and the Hawk are their most awaited inventions!!!!!

AKYUMEN is a company started and founded by Aasim Saied and invention and reaching everyone is their motto at a the most economical price.  They have also recently donated $20 k check to WateringSeeds.org and do their best for charity! You can reach them at links …


I can’t wait for this one to reach the stores!! Can YOU!!!

Also, Make sure to get copy of your book from the stands – The Happy Meter or order online from EBay!


See you soon, until next time- keep projecting with Akyumen!! Happy Meter Ratin- 10/10 🙂

-Hitesh Shyam


The Cricket Meter!- 2016 Spring!

                                                     Cricket here and now

We are very close to the t-20 world cup and all Cricketers are gearing up!

Being an Indian it’s like looking forward to IPL 2016, only at an inter-national level. The IPL is in Apr, 2016 but a month earlier- we have the T-20 World Cup kicking off in Nagpur, India.

The current disaster in Australia is meant to be forgotten, it’s been runs on board for everyone but no result in favor of India; making the captaincy of Dhoni under lot of pressure. Why would someone retire the longer format to stick with shorter format. You need to ask the man! Would Kohli, Rahane or Rohit Sharma be better without the most successful captain India has ever seen, only time will tell. In this case, few months!

We all can’t wait for March to April season of cricket, but for now I hope you are enjoying India’s doom in Australia. If you are an Englishman, South Africa will shy away from you! Broad has been at his best to take England to record victory. And, if you are a Kiwi, dwell in the run mela of Kane Williamson and Guptill, Pakistan have a lot of catching up to do.

Adios, Amigo until next time! Cover drive away!!! And don’t forget your copy of Happy Meter! Cricket Meter on the say! J


Happy Meter- The Blog and the book and more…

What begs me to ask the question, why to write a hand book on happy ways!

Well, it’s yours for the taking- at 99.99 Inr, you can own your copy of this hand book! It kind of gives you an insight on what actually makes us happy and provides us the techniques in today’s busy world to keep the most important person happy! Yes, that is you or me! 🙂

I would love to talk more, it is too soon I presume from my sports jockey days to Analysis and Consulting in corporate world, this is my new avatar!

I hope you like it! You can order one right away by sending me a text on 9841313568 or email me at hiteshnew@yahoo.com

It will soon available in digital and locally at your book store!

Feel free to write to me on topics of happiness and how you have made a difference, hope to see you all at a seminar soon!


Sports today! IPL and More

Howdy everyone…

After the recent cricket series – Australia came out on top!! They were unbelievable in the last game!

What I will like to see is more of such competitive cricket! These days we have IPL and also we have other local leagues and Champions league which have taken over minds and hearts of people.

The kind of sponsorship we see reminds us of EPL, the king of all leagues. And of-course UEFA champions league.

The ways and path of these teams always collide with big names like Sachin and Dravid to start off with. Then International players like Rhodes and Fleming, naming only few in IPL.

Recently I was at a game in United Kingdom- visiting my family. I loved the match between Kiwis and the British… The English team scored over 400 Runs which was their all time highest, thanks to Butler!

The same atmosphere I could see at a IPL game in Chennai, I was viewing it with uncle and aunt few months back, the player , the stands, the beautiful crowd made it more spectacular.

Sports runs through the hearts and minds of people!! It brings family, nations and world together. It uplifts youth and provide a place for millions!

It’s a religion!

Recently a talk show host asked me on air, if IPL was a hit, I told him- yes! It will be good to see English county cricket and IPL and other countries coming together! Cricket is just a sport and hopefully others sports will have such presence too.

Wish me well as I start of this blog, there will be more to come. You can also mail me on hiteshnew@yahoo.com

Hope to see you soon, and all the best for India Vs South Africa series people!

Signing off