AKYUMEN- The NEXT BIG THING!! ANd I mean Massive!

And I get a phone call, and guess who it is , yes, it was Mr.Saied!

The best thing India needs is a projector, but how could I show the presentation to a bunch of rural village kids or to my office staff in middle of the rajasthan desert. I don’t know! I did not have a budget or space for a projector in the room! And next thing you know, enters Mr.Saied.

Mr.Saied is the inventor of the phone inclusive of a Tablet also inclusive of  A PROJECTOR!!! Yes, mobile projector, it is just unbelievably fantastic! So, you just click the projector button and next thing you know, it becomes a high tech screen to showcase your work, presentations, video etc at great resolutions!

The kids, colleges, school teachers, hospitals and most importantly all of us will love this convergence! I understand they are due for their launch mid 2016, the Falcon and the Hawk are their most awaited inventions!!!!!

AKYUMEN is a company started and founded by Aasim Saied and invention and reaching everyone is their motto at a the most economical price.  They have also recently donated $20 k check to WateringSeeds.org and do their best for charity! You can reach them at links …


I can’t wait for this one to reach the stores!! Can YOU!!!

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See you soon, until next time- keep projecting with Akyumen!! Happy Meter Ratin- 10/10 🙂

-Hitesh Shyam



The Cricket Meter!- 2016 Spring!

                                                     Cricket here and now

We are very close to the t-20 world cup and all Cricketers are gearing up!

Being an Indian it’s like looking forward to IPL 2016, only at an inter-national level. The IPL is in Apr, 2016 but a month earlier- we have the T-20 World Cup kicking off in Nagpur, India.

The current disaster in Australia is meant to be forgotten, it’s been runs on board for everyone but no result in favor of India; making the captaincy of Dhoni under lot of pressure. Why would someone retire the longer format to stick with shorter format. You need to ask the man! Would Kohli, Rahane or Rohit Sharma be better without the most successful captain India has ever seen, only time will tell. In this case, few months!

We all can’t wait for March to April season of cricket, but for now I hope you are enjoying India’s doom in Australia. If you are an Englishman, South Africa will shy away from you! Broad has been at his best to take England to record victory. And, if you are a Kiwi, dwell in the run mela of Kane Williamson and Guptill, Pakistan have a lot of catching up to do.

Adios, Amigo until next time! Cover drive away!!! And don’t forget your copy of Happy Meter! Cricket Meter on the say! J


Happy Meter- The Blog and the book and more…

What begs me to ask the question, why to write a hand book on happy ways!

Well, it’s yours for the taking- at 99.99 Inr, you can own your copy of this hand book! It kind of gives you an insight on what actually makes us happy and provides us the techniques in today’s busy world to keep the most important person happy! Yes, that is you or me! 🙂

I would love to talk more, it is too soon I presume from my sports jockey days to Analysis and Consulting in corporate world, this is my new avatar!

I hope you like it! You can order one right away by sending me a text on 9841313568 or email me at hiteshnew@yahoo.com

It will soon available in digital and locally at your book store!

Feel free to write to me on topics of happiness and how you have made a difference, hope to see you all at a seminar soon!