AKYUMEN- The NEXT BIG THING!! ANd I mean Massive!

And I get a phone call, and guess who it is , yes, it was Mr.Saied!

The best thing India needs is a projector, but how could I show the presentation to a bunch of rural village kids or to my office staff in middle of the rajasthan desert. I don’t know! I did not have a budget or space for a projector in the room! And next thing you know, enters Mr.Saied.

Mr.Saied is the inventor of the phone inclusive of a Tablet also inclusive of  A PROJECTOR!!! Yes, mobile projector, it is just unbelievably fantastic! So, you just click the projector button and next thing you know, it becomes a high tech screen to showcase your work, presentations, video etc at great resolutions!

The kids, colleges, school teachers, hospitals and most importantly all of us will love this convergence! I understand they are due for their launch mid 2016, the Falcon and the Hawk are their most awaited inventions!!!!!

AKYUMEN is a company started and founded by Aasim Saied and invention and reaching everyone is their motto at a the most economical price.  They have also recently donated $20 k check to WateringSeeds.org and do their best for charity! You can reach them at links …


I can’t wait for this one to reach the stores!! Can YOU!!!

Also, Make sure to get copy of your book from the stands – The Happy Meter or order online from EBay!


See you soon, until next time- keep projecting with Akyumen!! Happy Meter Ratin- 10/10 🙂

-Hitesh Shyam



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