Entrepreneurship- This one for all of you wanna bees !! :)!!

From my recent workshop at a Chennai College…..
The word entrepreneurship is used in concurrence with creation. We need to create from our hands and mind/heart. Either jobs, children, family, work, money etc. The tool given to us is time- with time and space we can create jobs in this world. This is called entrepreneurship.
The ship where we enterprise for more is the idea of this domain. The ship needs people, power and horse power, tools to move. When it moves, the horse power helps us reach places, that’s the same for any business – either a guy on the street fixing scooter or the biggest business running tv or mobile. The most important thing is desire followed enthusiasm, persistance and we of course the need for time, money and space.
Social Entrepreneurs are creators of networks and spaces- online and local. With socializing , it is clear we can create a domain to interact for fun, work and more. In most cases, the means is business and money. Growth and development.
Go out and rule the world- enterprise even if you would like to fix things or create wealth online, just make sure to enjoy and learn.
Keep it real! Keep it enterprising 🙂

The Management Blog-Write up on Management- Inclusive Leader

We need to make sure to lead our way to success- it needs to be all inclusive, once we move forward taking the interest of all stakeholders- the mutual growth and long term success will be high.
We need to ensure we are always not creating harm in the way of our stakeholders and even our competition some times. Healthy competition is the key.
Once we are able to discuss our success and growth with our selves- we need to show we lead with care- the divide and rule and lead/bleed way of life- can only bring short term and non mutual growth which is mostly short lived.
I wish you well  in your endeavor – Inclusieve and careful leading brings happiness and success to all!
Lead away! With care 🙂
Hitesh Shyam Chablani