THE IIT Lock down- Best Minds at work and a Monkey!

It was a crazy day- I could hardly sleep.   I was extremely excited– we were visiting IIT for a promo event for one of my clients. So it was day 2 and I was extremely out of sorts- I gathered courage and went to the college in my car- I got all the merchandise of sponsorship etc to pep up the students during the show. I had a small neck twitch and it was killing me all week.

I parked my car in the campus; by the way, the campus was an amazing place with beautiful trees and serene peace.  Then, suddenly when I got out of the car- it locked itself, the keys where inside and event was going to get over in an hour. The monkeys in the campus howled from the trees and I was stuck. I ran to see- if someone was around to help, apart from the monkeys, few students walking around. I called them over and explained the situation, they were very helpful- despite their reputation, IIT students are reputed for best minds.

Few laborers also joined the Endeavour.  They tried with all means possible, banging the door- using thread, pen and nothing worked. I looked at monkeys in disgust, then suddenly the idea hit me- I need a bigger thread or scale- the watchman liked my idea and ran to the staff room nearby to request it, yes they had big thread and scale. When I came back, a bunch of students were trying to open the car with all ideas possible. I was impressed, they were very helpful. Then suddenly, the watchman shouted, yes, its working- I ran to the other side of the door and saw the lock had moved- we were able to make the mountain move- yes finally door sprung open, the scale did the trick, just sliding it in and jerking it- it moved the lock. The students sighed relief. The watchman got one of the t-shirts and was happy, the merchandise and sponsorship material, poster, banner were all ready to be given to students- the event was a roaring success Thank you students, Thank you IIT – no matter how intelligent they were, the students knew to help and with patience and persistence, we achieved it. Wallah!   Thank you for reading


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