IIT VS Vivekananda College- Clash of Titans

It was the clash of the titans! When we took IITians Vs the Viveka boys!

We were recently sponsoring few workshops in IIT and Vivekananda on entrepreneurship- it was a great vision for both colleges, students select their lives than jobs and make the most of life.

I tried to do justice in both the programs, Here how it looked, IIT guys were well prepared, well dressed and had all kinds of gadgets and data to prove their story- some of them wanted to change medical industry, some of them talked about machine humans.

On the other side, The Viveka boys were in simple dresses and nothing pompous.  Few of them talked about businesses but many of them were focused on milk and farming- self employment than entrepreneurship.

I tried to do justice, but to be honest, both sides had values- innocence, egoless state, obedience and even happiness. Genuine goodness was the key to success of both the schools despite the high fee or tall statures.

I had to agree, We gave away freebies and certificate, but I’m proud of the next generation. People who really want to make a difference despite their humble lifestyle or parent’s arrogance.

I wish you guys well- no matter which school or college- keep learning and improving, because life will give you the best no matter what!