Happy Meter- The Blog and the book and more…

What begs me to ask the question, why to write a hand book on happy ways!

Well, it’s yours for the taking- at 99.99 Inr, you can own your copy of this hand book! It kind of gives you an insight on what actually makes us happy and provides us the techniques in today’s busy world to keep the most important person happy! Yes, that is you or me! 🙂

I would love to talk more, it is too soon I presume from my sports jockey days to Analysis and Consulting in corporate world, this is my new avatar!

I hope you like it! You can order one right away by sending me a text on 9841313568 or email me at hiteshnew@yahoo.com

It will soon available in digital and locally at your book store!

Feel free to write to me on topics of happiness and how you have made a difference, hope to see you all at a seminar soon!


Sports today! IPL and More

Howdy everyone…

After the recent cricket series – Australia came out on top!! They were unbelievable in the last game!

What I will like to see is more of such competitive cricket! These days we have IPL and also we have other local leagues and Champions league which have taken over minds and hearts of people.

The kind of sponsorship we see reminds us of EPL, the king of all leagues. And of-course UEFA champions league.

The ways and path of these teams always collide with big names like Sachin and Dravid to start off with. Then International players like Rhodes and Fleming, naming only few in IPL.

Recently I was at a game in United Kingdom- visiting my family. I loved the match between Kiwis and the British… The English team scored over 400 Runs which was their all time highest, thanks to Butler!

The same atmosphere I could see at a IPL game in Chennai, I was viewing it with uncle and aunt few months back, the player , the stands, the beautiful crowd made it more spectacular.

Sports runs through the hearts and minds of people!! It brings family, nations and world together. It uplifts youth and provide a place for millions!

It’s a religion!

Recently a talk show host asked me on air, if IPL was a hit, I told him- yes! It will be good to see English county cricket and IPL and other countries coming together! Cricket is just a sport and hopefully others sports will have such presence too.

Wish me well as I start of this blog, there will be more to come. You can also mail me on hiteshnew@yahoo.com

Hope to see you soon, and all the best for India Vs South Africa series people!

Signing off